Conclusion (Health Profile of Bintan Regency 2008

03 Nov

This Health profile is picturing result of program and health development activities in Bintan Regency in 2008. It provided some important things that need to attented and looked into from implementation of health development and mortality in Bintan Regency in year 2008 which relates to society health degree, as follows :

  1. Expecting life Age in Bintan Regency tends to increase and this is caused by number of baby mortality tends to decrease from year 2004-2008, number of expecting life in 2008 is 69.7 years increase 0.1 year compared in 2007 that is 69.6 years, this expecting life age is still under target of SPM in 2010 that is 70.6 years, while number of baby mortality decrease from 5.3 per 1.000 life born in 2007 become 4.52 per 1.000 life born in 2008, this number is under target SPM in 2010 that is 26 per 1.000 life born.
  2. It is found Baby Mortality in 2008 for I case or 0.01 per life born, this number increase if compared to year 2006 and 2007 (there is no baby mortality found) and decrease if compared to number in 2005 that is 0.3 per 1.000 life born.
  3. Number of Mother Mortality in 2008 is 69,61 per 100.000 life born and increase if compared in 2007 that is 33 per 100.000 life born, but this number is also under Minimum Service Standart in year 2010 that is 226 per 100.000 life born.
  4. Nutrient Prevalence of Less Nutrient, in 2008 prevalence of less nutrients are 0.78 percent, this number increase if compared in 3 latest years that is in 2007 for 0.48 percent . This number is under national number Minimum Service Standart in 2010 that is < 5%.
  5. Birth Helped by Health Worker , number of birth helped by health manpower in 2008 are 97.90 pecent and this number increase if compared in 2006 about 97.8 percent and 2006 about 96.51 percent, This thing caused by distributing of health manpower averagely and especially midwife in all villages of Bintan Regency and also reachable of health services by society/people because number of health service facilities increasingly and develop every year.
  6. Morbidity Rate, in special cases tends to decrease such as Tuberculosis Lungs BTA +, malaria. But in other cases tends to increase such as AFP, DHF, Diarrhea, Leprosy, Filariasis and also cases with number of sickness of PD3I. All found cases have done medical treatment according to standart of treatment for each case/disease.
  7. Nutrition Status, neonatus visiting tends to increase from year 2006, 2007, and 2008, while Lower Baby Born weight case and Bad Nutrition of Children Under Five Years Old case tends to increase so that it can impact nutrition susceptible of Sub District.
  8. Active Family Planning Services, tends to increase from year 2006, 2007, and 2008.
  9. Health Elucidation, is done in form of group and mass elucidations, during 2008 have done for 242 of group elucidations, and 32 times of mass elucidations.
  10. Health Service Quality Access, number of in and out – patient visiting increase from 2006, 2007, and 2008, and Accute Respiratory Infection Disease is still a main health problem from 10 biggest diseases in Bintan Regency.
  11. Provide Essential and Generic Medicine, tends to increase in quantity and quality, budget of medicine per capita also increase from year 2007 to 2008.
  12. Number of Integrated Services Post, Siaga Village tends to increase from 2006, 2007 to 2008.
  13. Number of health facilities such as puskesmas (health society center), assistant puskesmas(health society center), polindes, government housing and other health facilities tends to increase from year 2006, 2007, and 2008.
  14. Number of Health Workers, there are lack of health workers such as specialist doctor,health nurses,midwife, while general doctor is enough based on ratio to number of population.
  15. Health Budget, health budget tends to increase from year 2006, 2007, and 2008 but still not enough for programs needs based on Minimum Service Standart.

In four latest years especially since regional autonomic, commitment os government to budgeting health is giving hopes.. This is supported by agreement of All Indonesia Regents in 2001, that is 15 – 20 % from Regional Income and Spending Budget . But this political commitment haven’t all realized as well as hopes. Health Sector budget in Bintan Regency since 2002 until 2008 relatively lower and still under agreed commitment.

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